The Hype Factory

Sweet Afton - Cocktail shoot

Tucked away on the corner of Brunswick St and James Street South, in the shadow of the Europa and in the heart of the city centre is quite a quaint bar/restaurant; Sweet Afton. It’s a rustic and quite picturesque venue which is part of a chain of bars and nightclubs crammed into the same building, and dubbed The Linen House.

A few weeks back they had us in to shoot their new Cocktail menu, which as always, is a good day out of the office. A total of 8 cocktails needed to be shot. We had the idea to shoot each cocktail in its own little scene and the idea was to give them a little personality, helping to make them stand out instead of the usual setting a ‘cocktail on a bar-top’ photo which is as common as the infamous Nikon vs Canon argument at your local camera store.

With two continuous lights, two soft boxes, an LED lighting panel, three 7 foot stands, a 5D mk3 and a D750, myself and Marty (one of our Bar and Event photographers, shadowing for the day) arrived at the shoot. Using elements of the bars decor and ornaments we created the small scenes to add depth to the images.

In most scenes we use a 3 point lighting set up; 1 large continuous soft box casting light from a distance directly onto the scene; the second large soft box closer to the scene and casting light onto the background of the scene when needed; and the LED panel placed close but just of camera casting direct light through the scene and onto the cocktail.

Seeing as light is the most important element when making the cocktail stand out we used a few custom made reflectors. These reflectors were used to direct small points of light into various areas of the scene to help things stand out.

The photos turned out great, check a few of them below.