The Brief.

Food, food, and more food. At The Hype Factory we do a lot of Food and Cocktail shoots for all kinds of restaurants in Belfast. After changing hands the Albany came to us looking to update their food photography bank. They had taken on a new chief and developed a great new menu. These shoots are great as there is no limit to the creativity and possible angles, as well as getting to try eventing on the menu ourselves! Having shot so many shoots like these we know how to work well with the guys behind the food and drinks, communicating to them what we need to produce the best photography to showcase their creative skills.

The chief made each dish one by one, giving us time between each dish to shoot a few nice angles and move our lighting to set up a new scene, while in that time the chief prepped the next dish. By that stage the next dish comes out and is shot immediately in order to look as fresh in the images. To give the client as much content as possible we tend to shoot as many images mixed with multiple dishes, drinks and cocktails. This way they get as many different angles, combinations and mixes of food and drinks to put out on their social media feeds.

Our general set up is a 2 light set up. One large defused light backlighting a scene, with a key light off to the side to highlight food. We use reflectors here and there when needed to fill in a few shadows.