The Brief.

For years we have been working directly with the guys at Lagan homes. Being one of Northern Irelands leading house builders they are forever working on huge new developments, creating cozy welcoming places to live. They would come to us for a mixture of shoots, either plain simple building shots, or shoots with a few models and their show homes so people can really get an idea of what living there might feel like.

However, for this shoot they had their sights set on something a little bigger. They wanted to shoot their Show Village in Helens Wood, Bangor. After a few discussions we had an idea of the demographics they wanted to target, and groups they wanted to feature in the images. We sourced 4 groups to model in the shoot. An elderly couple, a small family of 4, a young single lady, and a male couple. We had each group attend the shoot in 2 hour intervals, allowing time to get natural shots of them posing through the show homes. Everything from making tea, leaving for work, relaxing in the lounge, sitting around the kitchen table for a meal, or playing family games was covered. The result was a large bank of varied images for Lagan Homes to use to promote over the full build of the huge site.