The Brief.

Over the last while we have been contracted by Queens to help with updating their bank of images. Not so long ago we planned a large 3 day shoot to fast track new content to them. The content is vital for them in a few ways, from online use and in printed hand outs and yearly prospectuses. Our 3 day shoot over the summer months was great. The University reached out to all students to get a large group involved who where willing to partake in the photography. After that, a plan was put together for each day, swapping students in and out, mixing them with new faces and between as many facilities on campus. While the arranging was going on we had discussions on what style they wanted to follow, and what ideas or goals they had. We then did a little research ourselves, just to come up with more thoughts and plans on angles allowing creative ways to frame images to allow negative space for text or graphics overlaid.

Meeting early on day one, students, lectures and even the sunshine all made an appearance. The days progressed, and we where able to work smoothly with clear communication and ideas flowing as we worked between the campus facilities.

We enjoy these types of shoots. Our approach for them is to create as much content for the client as possible with as many multiple angles and options.