The Brief.

We have worked alongside the Hendersons Group for a number of years, apart of that relationship has been to create launch videos for their new company owned stores. This new site in Carrickfergus, Fortfield is the first of it's kind, it has a Burger King drive thru and the first Barista Bar cafe. Our team produced a series of launch videos, and photography for the opening that was used across their social media pages.

Working these events requires a lot more than just a camera. Years of experience mastering ever changing lighting environments and live production like C02, spacial awareness, and understanding of personal space is all vital to be able to move quickly through stages without being in the way of artists or becoming distracting to the audience.. All while nailing the best shots in the industry.

Being the go-to company to cover both videography and photography at events like these is testament to why we love doing what we do.